How to Backup Ubuntu Mate System (whole drive & partitions) and restore easily?

i’ve installed Ubuntu Mate 18.04 on my Dell XPS laptop and had to do some tweaks to make it run fine with my USB-C dock attached.:grinning:
If anything major breaks, i don’t want to do a fresh install and run through all the annoying settings, installs and tweaks anymore.
The included Ubuntu Mate Backup tool only supports single folders, but no partitions or whole drives. :expressionless:
Now I’d like to create a 1:1 image backup of the whole system (all partitions) and recover easily if anyhing breaks.
I don’t store personal files on my system drive, so i’d like to create a usb-live backup, which can be installed like a fresh Ubuntu Mate USB install, but with all my tweaks and custom settings.

Any easy solution out there? :thinking:
P.S: I’m a linux newby with medium terminal knowledge.
P.P.S: For some reason Ubuntu Mate works much more stable than standard Ubuntu on Dell XPS 13 9350. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks in advance,


Pinguy builder is supposed to be able to do something like that but I can’t seem to get it to create an iso so idk maybe give it a try but that’s the only easy one I know of

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Is this an answer ?

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I use Clonezilla weekly for my Dell XPS laptop. It is fairly easy and runs quickly, especially if you do not have Windows installed on the same drive.

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