How to change install path to a different drive from what "Software Boutique" defaults to



I have two drives, a 512 GB SSD(OS) and a 1-TB HDD(everything else).
All software I've installed from Software Boutique, has installed on the SSD. How do I point the install bath to the HDD?

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Ubuntu decides just how and where to install software and that includes where the Software Boutique installs.

My guess is that you might want to store your data on the larger spinning metal HD rather than on your SSD. Given that you said "I'm not aware of what a live session is," in a previous post, I would do a little more research to begin understanding your MATE OS before you try to change things for the better.

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not sure what you mean by a search for such a simple matter

I'm only aware of sessions live, give an example of a dead session


A live session is obtained when one uses a USB key or a CD/DVD to try a linux version without installing it.

I did not advise you to search, I advised you to do research. Your question was simple, but an answer is not simple at all. The Ubuntu MATE operating system decides where and how to install various softwares. If you are curious where your present software is installed, please check out this page -