How to configure the built in DNS cache service in UM 16.04 to use dnscrypt-proxy as a forwarder?

I am successfully running dnscrypt-proxy with a chosen resolver. But because it is not configured to take advantage of the built in dns cache service, the requests I make on browser are slow. Using the dig command twice on a website is taking a minimum of 250+ msec too. Previously it took 0 msec. So apparently the dns cache is not being used.

So how do I make dnscrypt-proxy use the dns cache service?

PS: I'm a newbie, I've described the above situation to the best of my knowledge. If there's any mistake I apologise.

Here are some details that may be of use for you to help me:

  • cat /etc/resolv.conf gives me nameserver

  • systemctl status dnscrypt-proxy gives a notice saying "Proxying from to"

  • cat /etc/default/dnscrypt-proxy has DNSCRYPT_PROXY_LOCAL_ADDRESS=

  • This is the content of cat /lib/systemd/system/dnscrypt-proxy.socket

Description=dnscrypt-proxy listening socket



And lastly I have edited my connection via NetworkManager settings and in IPV4 settings the method is automatic dhcp addresses only and dns server is This I did following a guide online.

I have tested that dnscrypt is working via dnsleaktest dot com.