How to diagnose a freeze NOOB

I have a fresh install of ubuntu mate 15.04 fully updated. Right now it’s vanilla. The issue is that if I leave the system on overnight it just freezes. I know the machine is ok so how do I find out what the problem is? I am coming from Win 7 incidentally the machine is it on ran win 7 perfectly for 3 years I formatted the drive and installed Ubuntu.


set your software sources download location to "Main server" per the update guide and run updates again, it might fix the problem for you?:

hey wolfman
thanks for the guidance but my question was How do i diagnose the problem? i dont know where to start there has to be some message somewhere complaining about something

wolfman [email protected] wrote:

Logs may have recorded some events prior to the crash, check out these files as a start:

  • System log - /var/log/syslog.1
  • Display server ( = /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old
  • Kernel log = /var/log/kern.log

If a specific program caused the system to crash, apport may appear when you log in to inform you of the error and whether to send a bug report.

Entire system freezes like this may be caused by problematic hardware or software that isn’t communicating with the hardware properly. Do you have any additional drivers available? (System → Preferences → Hardware → Additional Drivers)

thanks so much for the helpl lah7 really helps alot, I am also looking at checking out systemd to diagnose these things. This is all new to me and your, and wolfman’s help, is great. Thanks so much