How to install a WiFi USB thing?

The windows10 HDD died, Something my brother set up just before graduating High-school and moving out (he is not around to help). A new drive has just been put into my mothers computer yesterday, and I think she likes Ubuntu much better…

In the past, with Linux, I have always just used a NIC (Cat5 hard-line), and it was set up by the Linux install when I put Linux into the computer. I’ve never had to install anything else for the device to work (it just worked). However now I’m in a bind. The modem is in another room from the computer, and my mother doesn’t want a cable running across the apartment (I can’t drill holes or ‘deface’ the apartment) to connect the thing. When I installed Ubuntu Mate 64bit 15.04 into her computer, the WiFi “card” simply didn’t exist in ubuntu, and from what I read, the chip is not supported by Linksys/rosewill for Ubuntu. So I am going to try the USB dongle-thing (Edimax EW-7811Un) that came with my Raspbery Pi2, later on tonight. And thus now is the big Question, as Ubuntu has already been installed into the computer, and the computer needs to be moved out from in front of the TV (it’s on the floor blocking the TV), back into her room where it belongs.

How, do I install a driver for the USB WiFi thing, and set up WiFi? (what do I click, where, in what window, what are the steps? I have never done this WiFi thing before on any OS. I know nothing about WiFi).

Just plug the USB wifi adapter in, if it is supported by Linux it will be auto detected and enabled.

You’ll be able to associate with your wireless network from the Network Manager applet, is it in what you’d know as the system tray area near where the time and date are displayed.

Good luck :slight_smile:

lol. yea, it did at least do that much when I plugged in the USB dongle-thing (Edimax EW-7811Un). Then my sister did something as she gave the computer an evil “you will die” glare, and it connected to the wifi-hub-modem-thing out of fear for it’s life I guess.

However, it has an odd glitch. Every time the computer is turned on, that icon on the task-bar indicates it is connected to the WiFi, however the browser just gives a no page available for all internet websites. The only work around is a rather obnoxious task of disconnecting from the WiFi network, and signing into it again.