How to install Ubuntu with 700Mb Only?



I'm sick of Win7 on my laptop. I would like to install Ubuntu in dual boot but I only have the CDROM drive to install it. As a result, the installation file should not exceed 700MB. I didn't find files that small. Is there a solution? Tell me about it.


Is booting from USB possible on that machine?


Hello maximuscore,

unfortunately not....I have burned a Debian CD. This Linux distribution takes up less space on a CD.

I forced the PC to start on it. In a hum, the CRDOM tries but it does not succeed.
I'll try with Slax or Puppylinux.



You could try the Ubuntu Mini ISO to install a base system, then the DE of your choice.

EDIT: I'm not sure it's available for a 19.04 version, though, the page on the wiki mentions LTS (18.04) only.


Try here: