How to make the boot partition bigger?



I installed Ubuntu Mate on my Pi and the software updater fails because it says there isn’t enough room on the /boot partition to continue. Is there any way I can make this partition bigger? I tried using the gparted live USB but all that did was cause it to boot to a splash screen and then be stuck on a black screen. I also tried resizing using Disk Genius but that resulted in it not booting at all.


I put the disk in another machine and resized it using gparted from there.


I found this video:


  1. Install, run, and set up Ubuntu MATE on your PI.
  2. Run a live Ubuntu instance off a USB. (I guess you could use Disk Genius here on Windows but I didn’t try.)
  3. Copy everything in PI_BOOT to a folder.
  4. Run Gparted.
  5. Delete the PI_BOOT partition.
  6. Shrink the PI_ROOT partition by, for example, 1 gig (I think Disk Genius can only do 512mb FAT16 partitions.)
  7. Create a new FAT16 partition at the end of the disk.
  8. Label it PI_BOOT.
  9. Copy the files back into the PI_BOOT partition.
  10. Put SD card back into Pi and it should boot up.

This means you have 64mb at the start of the SD card wasted, not a big deal. Do not move any partitions or you will break things. You don’t set any flags on the PI_BOOT partition.