How to run an .sh file from main menu using Mate-terminal?

When choosing “run in terminal” (or something similar, I’m not using it in english language), the .sh script does indeed starts in a terminal, but an ugly looking one with very small text. I’d like the script to be run in Mate-Terminal. How can I make this happen?

It's a bug that has been reported a while back iirc.


Thank you, it did the trick!

For reference:

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Now that is an old bug, almost 5 years and counting.

Some additional discussion why this is not getting fixed and a not-too-bad alternate workaround…

The root cause of this issue is that glibc doesn’t attempt to use mate-terminal if it is installed. If will first look for gnome-terminal and then fallback to xterm.

An attempt to patch glibc has previously been attempted. I’ll see if we can have another stab at this.

Seems like maybe a strategically placed symlink might serve for this occasion?

A symlink is not a solution that can be packaged.

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How about including it in the post-install scripts of mate-terminal?

You, of course, know more about what can be packaged for Ubuntu MATE. I don’t know the logistics but I have included symlinks in “.deb” packages and it seemed to work out fine… I can see that a symlink might not be viewed as a proper solution though. :wink:

Symlink by itself is probably ok, but symlink which is placed instead of a real app from another package isn’t. Even if nobody ever installs both terminals at once, Debian and Ubuntu maintainers wouldn’t agree with introducing a potential package conflict.


I thought it might be something like that. :wink: