How to set Wake on Alarm in 16.04?

Hi guys,
I recently upgraded my aging Ubuntu 8.04 to Mate 16.04, and Im finding I now cant change the wake on Alarm settings, its currently set to around 06:30 am, but whenever I try to write the new time back (I want to change to 14:30) , it wont seem to accept the changes.
sudo sh -c ‘echo “00-00-00 14:30:00” > /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm’
Is it a 16.04 thing? or is there something I can fix? I use 10.04 at work and that seems fine.

I do not use this package, but I did install it and used your command. Your command did not write anything to /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm. Maybe manually write it to that file?

Had a look at the “manual pages” and wonder if the “c” switch in your command is the correct choice.

Also another thing I have not tried is the GUI. Maybe that would work for you.

Just my findings, but thought it could help :slight_smile:

Well I ran the command again, it didnt show any change in the content of wakealarm, however the last access date changed, and now it works! powers up at 14:30, strange.