How to tile using marco (compton)?

I’m poking around trying to add tiling shortcuts using marco (with compton, if it matters; sorry, but I’m hazy on which part does what).

I’ve figured out that the marco command to tile is, e.g., tile-to-side-e, mapped to ctrl+shift+keypad-right. I’ve tried adding a command tile-to-side-n, but it’s not a valid command. Are there more tiling commands available? Where can I find them? My google-fu has apparently failed me. I’d like to configure eight keys to tile NSEW + corners (NE, NW, SE, SW)…

quick edit: I thought about giving compiz another go, but when I switch to it, it doesn’t completely load, so I appear to be stuck with marco…

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Hi @ieh,

I have no idea about such complicated things but this might be of interest to you!. :thumbsup: