[How-to] Translate the UM Start Page



Our Ubuntu MATE Start Page now supports locales, meaning those buttons have the potential to speak your system's language, and not be hardcoded to English.

This doesn't use Transifex - this one is a bit more "raw" to the code and will require a GitHub account.

How to translate

First, visit the ubuntu-mate/start.ubuntu-mate.org repository and edit the locale.js file.

This will present a JavaScript file with JSON data inside.

Copy and paste the "en" group, and make adjustments as nessacary:

  • en → Change to the desired locale, e.g. fr or de-de.
  • "discover" - Do not change the left value, as it's the key.
  • "Discover" - You can change this, as this is what is shown to the user.

Note that this will follow JSON syntax, and problems will happen when you are missing a comma. The syntax structure is like this:

    "dictionary1": {
        "data1": "Data 1",
        "data2": "Data 2"    ← Last values do not need a comma
    },                       ← Note a comma is needed here
    "dictionary2": {
        "data1": "Data 1",
        "data2": "Data 2"
    }                        ← Also the last one, so no comma here.

Be sure to review your changes in Preview Changes and check the syntax and translations are all correct, then go ahead and create a pull request:

A developer will then review and merge your changes -- as soon as that's done, they'll be live within minutes.

Thanks for helping us translate, even if it's a few lines of text for the start page. :slight_smile:

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