How to upgrade the Menu in 20.04 to the version found in 21.10

So, long story short, I installed 21.10, got shouted at by the friendly Linux community when I had issues because it's not an LTS release, downgraded to 20.04, had the same issues (so yay, great use of my time), but I have gotten things working now.

My question is, how can I upgrade the menu to the version that is found in 21.10 as I much prefer it to the version found in 20.04. Is it a simple PPA I can pull from or is it something more in depth?

Hi, I am not shouting. Just trying to provide ample information to you and hopefully get more from you so the community can make a best effort at answering your question.

One of the negatives of an LTS is not having newer packages. You have to wait for newer upgrades for some packages unless the developer pushes them back (backport). The benefit of the interim releases like 21.10 is newer packages but less stability because the developers may be trying new things out to put on the next upcoming LTS. However, the LTS offers more stability.

Regarding the menu, I am not sure what you are asking for and what the difference are. Also not sure what the original problem on 21.10.

The newest version of the Mate desktop is 1.26 released August 10th, 2021. See this link => MATE 1.26 released | MATE

The next upcoming LTS release of Ubuntu Mate is expected around April 2022 if everything works out right. So you can wait for the next LTS if you want the newer 1.26 Mate desktop on a stable release. The interim release you were using probably had the newer Mate desktop 1.26 too but again, these interim releases may not be as stable and that is why they are only supported for 9 months versus the 3 years for the LTS.

So, I hope this provides you with some clarity of how the distribution works and how the developers put together things from other developers. Perhaps some people in the community can come across as being terse which does not help a new user. I still feel like a new user after 2 years of using Linux and know how you feel. I almost don't feel like using Linux because of that because the forums can be the only way seemingly to fix an issue.

Sometimes many of the same questions are already answered in the forums. I don't know what any search may have yielded.

In summary:

  1. the upcoming LTS 22.04 next year will have the newer 1.26 desktop at least and perhaps something newer if Mate developers release something newer between now and then. The LTS gives you the best chance of stability and long term support for 3 years. (The base Ubuntu is supported for 5 years by Canonical.)

  2. interim releases give you newer packages but less stability and shorter support time for 9 months.

  3. the newer Mate desktop 1.26 is what you may need.

It's possible you can install the newer version by visiting the Mate desktop developer website but I have never done that. See this link =>

Best of luck! :v:

Really installation of MATE 1.26 on Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS is simpler - you have to add special official PPA to it and install newer versions of packages by

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/fresh-mate
sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade

and enjoy.


Thanks all. It turns out I am just dumb, I just had to add the menu to the panel, it seems that between 20.04 and 21.10 they changed that the default menu is

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Hello Bacon_Catbug

"dumb" would indicate that you did not understand, your difficulty was that you did not know enough about panel configuration to realise how you could achieve what you wanted.
So, "dumb" is not applicable. There is a saying, "if it is not broke, that is because you have not "tweaked" it enough. Happy tweaking... :slightly_smiling_face:


LOL, never heard that before but love it.
How very true!