Howto create a default profile/MATE DE setup for a group of users?

Hi all,
this is not easy to explain, so the topic title can be a little cryptic. I’ll try to expose what i mean:

Suppose to have to prepare a limited desktop configuration/settings for an intermediate “office/mail/internet” user named further as “mean-user”.
Suppose you have to make sure that all settings relating to:

  • Rights, limits on possible commands that the “mean-user” can run from menu
  • The default placement of the panels and the quick launch icons
  • The Theme, the icons, the particular set of installed applications and the defined background
  • The printers configured
  • And so on…

and make this customized environment default for a special group of users (the “mean-user”) so they will find it when they will login the first time.

My question is: There is a method defined to create and assign to the “mean-user” group this environment? There is an application to do this? or a detailed guide?

My numbers are: 20-25 installations, 50-60 “mean-users” that can login on any of these installations and they have to find their personal files accessible and the same visual config after they login.

All ideas appreciated!

See my answers here:

Thank you for your answer.
Although your answer cover only a part of my questions.
How to make default a specific set of graphic setup of MATE desktop Environment?
How i can force to be disposable to a just logged in user a specific environment with such as background predefined my me as well as fonts, theme and predefined by me panels positioning? (many others setup not listed here for brevity).

Where these setup(s) are stored?
Can i copy (as root) these setup(s) to another user/group in order that users can use them by default?
Thanks in advance for your patience :slight_smile:

Mate panel configuration is in the background (gsettings). So there is no config file to copy. This is my findings so far.

Mate-tweak will save the panel layout and that could be copied.


I have not tried this, just looks doable.


Can i copy (as root) these setup(s) to another user/group in order that users can use them by default?

You could give a user Admin (sudo) privileges, make the user changes and then return that user to standard user.

Fonts, themes, icons for just one user need to be in the hidden files of the home directory.

thanks, v3xx.
The user have to find his desktop configured and themed “by default”. He should have nothing to do - and he don’t have to do! - other than use the desktop and the applications as it is.
The problem, in the real deep, is that DEs in Linux have no method for prepare and customize, say, a “corporate environment” with a redacted and standardized desktop environment. The “office-user” is actually used to work with Windows that (despite i could hate it as OS) has “method” to generate and distribute a standard configuration to clients.
I think that could be possible even on Linux, in an organized mode and not following settings spreaded system wide.
That is the reason why i asked here.
So, the synthetic question at the very least is: How i can “clone” a standard DE config (i.e. my personal one) to any user at the time of their first login?

I would start here as you have a lot of questions and I only really have a couple of answers for you:

thanks so much.
This cover only the system parts. It’s a start.
For the MATE DEreplicating/cloning configuration i’ll dig the web.

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