HP PC freezes after 10 minutes use

Im new to mate - - PC works then gets slower and freezes after about 10 minutes - any help?
it worked fine for about 2 months
Using HP Notebook, loaded mate20.4
4Gig ram
could be a loop,?
Im not technical

Hello rusty1

  1. Open the application (program) "Mate Systems Monitor", change to the tab "resources".
  2. Reduce the window of the Mate System Monitor, and carry on with your normal "routine".
  3. When it gets slow, open the Mate Systems Monitor again and then post what you are seeing there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanx for assisting alpinejohn - two interesting things noted

  1. on opening, the time indicator froze after about one minute, the system worked about 15 minutes before freezing.
  2. I kept the PC 'on' after freezing - after the screen went dark (normal after not using the PC), I then tried to activate the PC and the opening up screen came on and after typing my username password, I could log in and am now working with no problems.
    Re your questions, monitor Processes showed all processes? sleeping before freezing, but Resources showed CPU1 and CPU2 at extreme volume? and when it froze both at about 100%. I took screenshots ater the system got online again and all is normal now (10-30 CPU usage. Interestingly before freeze, the memory also was about 100%.
    does this help? I will check what happens once I log out and in again and repoer back. Regards. R

Hello rusty1

Thanks for the information...

Hello community, :penguin: :penguin: :penguin:

now that we have some information can any of the more knowledgeable suggest what might be causing this behaviour? :thinking:

Hello rusty1

If I guide you, are you prepared to open up a terminal and run some command-line programs (I'm hoping they will tell us more about what is going on)?

Hi, I am now in an UNfreeze time - but interesting how I got there.
After starting again and the freeze countdown (in real terms = count UP to 100%) on the MEMORY began,
I went to Processes (System Monitor) and tried to see which items was running and which sleeping.
the only item I could see running (afaik) was Indicator messages service (part of CAJA).
I stopped that and the FREEZE countdown stopped - PC working fully and correctly.
I think the moment I swich the PC off again, the problem will start from the beginning.
Any advice here?

Hello rusty1

That is strange, in case you did not know, "Caja" is the file manager.

It may be worth looking at your "Trash" folder, as this post suggests:

[Caja taking minutes to open after boot]

Remember, that if you have a usb-stick (aka "thumb-drive") attached to your computer and delete a file (or more than one file), that you have to empty your "Trash" folder before you eject the usb-drive - if you do not, then the Trash folder remembers that it contains files to be thrown away and may show a full "icon", but when you open the Trash folder it shows no contents (the contents are still on the usb-drive).

Does that help? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Alpinejohn,
I hope you see this
just to give feedback - btw - thanx for your response - u were the only person following up and I appreciated you keeping it up -
The problem never really changed - I dont know why - but it had something to do with startup - happened then stopped after I went to look with Mate system manager what was happening - never found out but it stopped.

I was not very happy with the Mate desktop screen - I then loaded DDE (Dunkin...DDE) on top of Mate - I like it very much as a desktop - just great.
Rusty, South Africa

Hello rusty1

It is good to know you found a solution that works for you. :slightly_smiling_face: