I forgot my windows 10 login password!

I have an old computer that had not been used for months, when I open it and it asks me to type the password, but it seems I can’t remember the anything about the password, and also there is no password reset disc. I don’t wanna reinstall the system, this is a Windows 10 operating system, how can I reset the password without losing data?

I dont know if this works in restore cmd… but you should give it a try, as it work without sign in in cmd in my system, where I made a hole for broken sign in situations.

Click the power icon in sign in screen. Hold shift and click restart. Release shift when it boots.

Restore screen should come up. Go to advanced, and find command line.

If it lets you there, you can try this command: net user (or was it users)

It should print username list to screen.

Then type in: net user yourusername password *

If it asks a password, then it seems to work also in restore mode.

Choose a new password, press enter, retype your password, enter, close cmd, go back in menu and click boot to windows 10.

If this doesnt work, its unfortunate for you, fortunate for people after security.

For me it works but different way. I replaced sethc.exe with cmd.exe, so “sticky keys” open cmd, I just press shift 5 times. It works in login screen and without login I can change passwords and maybe create new users, if my user account gets corrupted somehow.

So I’m not sure about Windows 10, but I’ve used chntpw to reset a password on Windows 7 recently.

This might be of help accessing your MS account https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.howtogeek.com/222262/how-to-reset-your-forgotten-password-in-windows-10/amp/

Unless you can use a Microsoft account to reset it, I’ve not had much luck trying the various methods on Windows 10. You may need to boot into another OS (may I suggest … the Ubuntu MATE live USB ;-)), copy your data (assuming your disk isn’t encrypted!), and then erase and reinstall Windows.

I think having to reinstall Windows is jumping the gun, do to the fact Windows can be problematic I would look for the simplest method before I reinstall Windows

Yeah I agree… the link Robgoss provided, includes good info for it.

Im not 100% sure if you can do the trick from restore cmd, you should try that, as its more simple than going to cmd from installation dvd and doing the trick what I have done, just the link says another program but its the same. Sethc.exe replaced with cmd.exe differs only so, that you can access cmd from login screen by quickly pressing shift 5 times.

Tell me if one of these worked :)) I know that at least it works so if you can replace something with cmd that works from login screen, thats a tested thing, I tested some weeks ago.

This seems like a good way to access your MS account I’ve use this method in the passed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvuE1KwdUfg

Good luck

If you were familiar with command prompts or linux staff, then you can use Offline NT Password Registry Editor to reset the password. If not, there you should use GUI program instead. There are plenty of them.

If you were familiar with command prompts or linux staff, then you can use Offline NT Password Registry Editor to reset the password. If not, there you should use GUI program instead. There are plenty of them.

I tried ntpassword, ophcrack, but not work for my computer.

Then this simple tutorial may help as it is designed for newbies: https://www.iseepassword.com/reset-windows-10-password.html

Boot your computer from Ubuntu Live CD, then install chntpw and you can reset Windows 10 password:

Ubuntu is absolutely free and the latest version also supports UEFI firmware.

I would just burn a copy of Trinity Rescue Kit and keep it around for the future, but that’s just me.

check this tutorial out. It’s quite simple and I did a test on my Windows 10 computer, it has helped me reset password

Windows 10 offers two types of passwords, Local password and Microsoft Account password . Local password secures your computer against unwanted entry while Microsoft Account password to secure your computer and to take advantage of Windows 10 features such as the Microsoft Store for apps, OneDrive for online storage, and synchronizing settings between computers. More on...reset windows 10 password

It is not surprising that you forgot your password for Windows 10,I'm not in the habit of writing it down on paper or anywhere else.I used to forget passwords too, but now, all my passwords are the same, Lol.....A number that is special or has a meaning.
This is the tool i used to remove password from Windows 10. https://www.windows10passwordreset.com/

I would get into the habit of memorizing a cipher of your own creation if you wanted to create secure passwords you can remember. If, for instance you use your Microsoft account to sign in and you changed your Microsoft account password online with a password randomizer, you then wouldn't be able to log into the machine because you changed the password. So uh, props to Canonical for keeping things stupid-simple and idiot-proof with logging in.