I have wifi, but no ethernet on my PI

I had 16.04.1 lts on my pi, and I was told that you don’t upgrade thry apt, you have to redo the sd card.
Well I have always had a hard time creating the sd cards, so this time I let berryboot do it, and it worked

Sort of. For whatever reason, ethernet doesn’t work in 16.04.2. Not sure where to start as far as troubleshooting goes

Hi @Evil-Wayz,

have you tried the Raspi Forum?:


No help over there, they referred me back here.

Works perfectly on my Pi, but then I didn’t confuse the issue with Berryboot.

Incidentally MATE for the Pi now includes firmware updates.
If you do sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade it will upgrade to 16.04.2

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Thanks for the intel. I solved the problem. WOuld you believe that one of the ethernet ports on my internet gateway went bad? Traded it out to ATT for a ew one and now my ethernet works.

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