I really dont like brisk menu


Thanks for the reply. However “Places” and “System” remain. I wish there was a checkbox or radio to choose the old style with just menu (again no Places and System showing) and the new one. I only want Menu and nothing else like it was in 16.04 and earlier.


Then delete the traditional menu completely by right clicking it and choosing “remove from panel” and then simply add the advanced mate menu in the manner I described.

I do understand and acknowledge it would be nice to have it as an easy option in Mate Tweak. But, instating it in the way I have described is not difficult.


Yeah that’s the thing. Since it is there for Redmond and you can add it like you point out I just fail to see why it isn’t another tick in MATE Tweak. Fine default to the new style but leave the old one easily selectable. The reason many of us use MATE is because we don’t like the new style UI of Gnome.

We want the traditional style. This new Brisk menu is similar to moving us away from traditional. At least, again, give us the easy option. I don’t want the GUI to change. If I did I would just use Ubuntu or Kubuntu. I am on Ubuntu MATE because I want the UI look to be left alone!!!


You know, I’ve been thinking about this a bit and I think it makes perfect sense. Having an option in Tweak to select which menu the user wants would address a lot of user concerns and questions.

I’ll try to come up with something, and if anyone has suggestions as to how this should behave, I’d love to hear those as well.


Well I have no issue with new features for the UI for those that want it. Heck I say add dozens if desired as long as we still the option for the old ones.

I think it should work by selecting Advanced Menu (like before) then an additional radio choice:

  • Brisk (new/modern)
  • Traditional

The default can be Brisk.

I appreciate your desire to add that option. Thank you.

I also want to say my hat’s off to the MATE team. I am very appreciative toward this whole project. So I am hoping a choice will be added in the future to pick the menu just like the many other choices in MATE Tweak.


It could be a combo box (instead of several check boxes) with the different menu options: Advanced, brisk in full screen mode, classic Brisk, etc.


Personally and this would be controversial but I would like to have just one menu item to add to the panel and then in Mate tweak to actually switch menus and I personally prefer drop-down boxes like the view changer in caja