I was looking for Mate vs. MATE

… when I saw something I never heard before. Another “recursive backronym”:

MATE = MATE Advanced Traditional Environment

Based on Google hits, it’s not all that old or widespread. And doesn’t appear at all on mate-desktop.org that I can find.

So… I still don’t know. MATE or Mate? :grin:


Hi Bill,

it is written in upper-case on their Wiki:

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Hi @wolfman,

And upper-case is used by mate-desktop.org but I failed to mention how i was reasoning the backronym actually makes it proper. Like GNU (GNU’s Not Unix). And UNIX is a trademark but Unix is not. :slight_smile:


It’s like GNOME vs Gnome. :thinking: One of them is a garden accessory.

Probably the all uppercase one is the original as it’s a backronym that @Bill_MI points out . Also, it’s represented everywhere as Ubuntu MATE officially, but some sites put Ubuntu Mate… but we still understand what they’re referring to.

Disclaimer: I don’t represent GNOME or MATE for official clarity.

What does everyone else think?

  • MATE
  • Mate

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I am lazy when I write it so I use “Mate”. :smiley:

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, that makes more important to Mate,
Ubuntu MATE.

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It is MATE for no other reason than Desktop Environment names are all caps by convention. As for the backronym, that was created outside the MATE project a year or so ago by a friend of mine :slight_smile:


How about another candidate, like “Capitalization doesn’t matter to me”?

Thanks for confirming it's relatively new. I found it on Wikipedia but nowhere on mate-desktop.org or ubuntu-mate.community (except this thread).

Blame Joe Ressington :slight_smile: