Iheart radio resets PC

Using Mate 22.04. I normally use 2 computers, my main one is a Dell Optiplex 7010, and the backup is Dell Optiplex 980. I have the same exact Mate set up on both (980 is a copy of the 7010).

On the 980, everything works great, but if I try to use Iheart radio app, as soon as I click on a station, it sends me back to boot screen on the original Desktop (which Is normally disabled). So far it does this only with Iheart; Spotify works perfectly, and the 7010 does not do it at all.

This problem only shows up with Mate 22.04; It was not a problem on 20.04. I tried both "upgrade" and fresh install, but the problem persists. Also does not do it on Kubuntu, or Mint.

Any ideas what the problem is, and how to fix it? Thanks in advance for any ideas.