I'm back again!

Due to some hose I installed on my Manjaro system, I didn't install Ubuntu MATE as a dual-boot. Manjaro will not play a few Steam games I want to play, and Ubuntu MATE will. And, it's always nice to come back home for a while.

It's too bad that Manjaro MATE doesn't have the varied DEs that MATE Tweak has, and I don't know quite why.

And, I am on the Ubuntu Forums daily, offering such advice as I can, as well as the Manjaro Forums, which is as friendly as the Ubuntu Forums, unlike, to pull a name out of the air, the Arch forums, in which "RTFM" is more frequently an answer to a n00b questio than in any other forum of which I am aware.

Using Manjaro, I do have software which is unavailable from Canonical's repos over time, so I can have Aqualung, ExFalso, pypar2, AviDemux, and a couple others, without the need for a PPA or compilation. Arch distros download the tar.gz files of source code, looks at the dependencies, downloads and installs them, and compiles the code. It takes much longer to compile a program than install a package, but, for the apps I need, it is 100% perfect.

The Arch User Repository (AUR) isn't all that scary.