I'm unable to right-click on my iMac G5 (PPC)

Of course this issue happens for the most obvious reason: there is no freaking right click button on the darn Apple mouse :slight_smile: Anyway, this iMac is currently running Lubuntu 16.04 and I’m planning to install Ubuntu MATE on it in the near future, but I assume I’ll have the same issue then…? Is there any way that I’ll be able to rightclick with the original mouse? Or should I really connect a “normal” mouse (with two buttons)? Or, I don’t know, maybe a “combination click”, as in: pressing ctrl or alt or the command key (⌘) and clicking at the same time? Can it be configured? Or is there maybe another way? Thanks

Short answer: Connect a normal mouse:slight_smile:

Long answer: If you must use the one button mouse, then (from the PowerPC FAQ) install “mouseemu”.

sudo apt install mouseemu

Once installed, run as superuser

sudo mouseemu

Then, F12 is right click and F11 is middle click.

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mouseemu would work, but I believe in Ubuntu proper there are other ways to do it - https://help.ubuntu.com/16.04/ubuntu-help/a11y-right-click.html and http://askubuntu.com/questions/331605/simulate-right-click-in-laptop . No idea if these work with Mate or Lubuntu I’m afraid.

mousetweaks should work I think e.g. from the terminal

mousetweaks --ssc

This is not yet neatly integrated into the accessability options of Mate as far as i know, but I am happy to be corrected.

You can also do a keyboard solution with xmodmap.