Image download with wrong version number

I am new here and on RPI4. I just noticed a little issue on download page. 64bit version for RPI is labeled as version 20.04.03 but when downloaded the real version is 20.04.01. Am I missing something?

Hi, welcome! I can see how it's a bit puzzling. It's to do with how the website organises/presents its downloads. They are both still 20.04 LTS, but "snapshots" taken at different times since the initial release. When a 20.04.1 system is booted and fully updated, it becomes the latest (20.04.3).

PC/Mac downloads are currently at 20.04.3, built on Canonical's infrastructure (the company behind Ubuntu), following the usual release schedule shared across Ubuntu & flavours.

Raspberry Pi downloads are done in the team's free time, and so 20.04.1 is the last build. Only a couple of team members have the capacity to build & test these, so they're infrequently refreshed.


ok, thanks for information