ImageMagick writes huge amount of data in /tmp

Hi everyone! I'm new to Mate, but I'm using Ubuntu since 6.06.
I used gnome-flashback for a while, since I discovered Mate and I'm enjoying.

I use a ssd and try to avoid unuseful writes. Unfortunately, Mate continuosly writes down a huge amount of magick-***** files. Files appear and disappear continuosly and there's no way of stopping.
I've read in some forum that it could be an Imagemagick issue, but I've tried to uninstall and reboot, with no result.
Any idea of a solution?!

Here's what I mean:
Schermata a 2021-01-28 14-16-37|690x388

Thank you in advance!

Hi and welcome to the Ubuntu MATE Community.

I see you're using Nautilus as a file manager. Have you installed MATE with the ubuntu-mate-desktop package on top of your Ubuntu proper install ?

If so, I would advise against running several desktop environments concurrently on the same installation as it can look quite troublesome sometimes.

If you're willing to stick with MATE only, I'd go for a clean install of Ubuntu MATE. Would take about one hour of your time with a backup of your config files and spare you some headaches. Just my two cents.

Hi Utsuro, thank you for your cents! :slightly_smiling_face:
You're right, I installed the Mate DE on an existing gnome installation, just to take a look.
Maybe a fresh install is better.

try putting a line like this in your /etc/fstab

#ram disk temp to protect the flash memory
/tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 0

I do this with my system

Thanks Amigo!
I resolved the issue with a fresh install!