Importing Unity/Flashback keyboard shortcuts to Mate

Many of us use tens of different personal keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu. When one moves to Mate it is cumbersome to program them anew one by one. However it is possible to import all your shortcuts automatically from Ubuntu Unity/Flashback 16.04 to mate by using dconf and sed. You just must issue the following two one line commands:

dconf dump /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/media-keys/custom-keybindings/ | sed ‘s/command/action/g’ | sed ‘s/Super/Mod4/g’ > kbshct-mate.txt

dconf load /org/mate/desktop/keybindings/ < kbshct-mate.txt

The first one extracts unity shortcuts and transforms to the Mate-format. The second loads the shortcuts to the right place in the dconf tree.