Increase swap size after system created


I’ve a clean install of 18.10; I chose install to whole disk, and LVM. The system sets up whatever defaults it sets; I have no control. But in a 1 TB drive, it sets only 976 megs for swap! How do I increase this? Why isn’t the default around 4 GB?


Depends how much RAM you have, not the disk drive. My 18.04 has 8GB RAM and 2GB swap.


I have 16 GB of DDR3 memory, 1TB drive. The reason why I’m asking this, is VMware is complaining, but it shouldn’t. The OS is dealing well with overhead concerns. The larger question though is why the defaults selected during install don’t allow for any pre-install tweaking? Maybe I don’t need a 4 GB swap, but I probably would have increased it from 976 MB, prior to installation.


I solved this - see link…-ubuntu-18-04/ I tested it and it works very well, and I added an extra 4GB swap.