Installation media integrity test

I hope this is not off-topic in this category. I was installing Ubuntu MATE 21.04 beta (ubuntu-mate-21.04-beta-desktop-amd64.iso) with a bunch of errors and corrupted mouse cursor. I verified the hash of ISO image, but I could use additional integrity test of boot image on USB flash drive, which may get corrupted in some circumstances. I remember having such an option when installing Ubuntu years ago, but I don't see it right now. Am I missing something?

Welcome back @pauljurczak.

If you are referring to errors thrown at us after installation, that could mostly be related to ayatana-indicator-keyboard which has been fixed in latest builds. Personally I haven't encountered mouse cursor issue but many have and this issue is across all Ubuntu flavors. Could be related to graphics card. I'm on intel integrated graphics card.

Good point regarding additional checks. It is available in 20.04 but not in 21.04.

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Just an FYI.

If, when conducting any QA-test I have errors/problems, I nearly always jump to a text terminal & execute a

sudo dmesg |grep squashfs

to check for errors on the install media (I seem to get a lot of them; maybe just bad luck, or the fact that I write lots of ISOs to thumb-drives..)

I do expect to see a response (program version) but I scan the output looking for errors like

Apr 22 02:23:13 ubuntu kernel: [ 2557.139333] SQUASHFS error: zlib decompression failed, data probably corrupt
Apr 22 02:23:13 ubuntu kernel: [ 2557.139339] SQUASHFS error: squashfs_read_data failed to read block 0x44697c13

Note: it may not be identical to that; I was lazy & didn't try and create the messages via a corrupted ISO, but grabbed those lines from a bug report on launchpad :slight_smile: