Installing a minimal desktop system *with sshd* (20.04 LTS)


when i choose the installation option "minimal system", is it possible to get the sshd (openssh-server) with that installation? I specifically ask for the "desktop" install 20.04 LTS, not the server.


I don't see why not :slight_smile:
Just install it after installation of the minimal system:

sudo apt-get install openssh-server

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Maybe its my bad english, but i know how to install packages after the installation is ready and the system is running.
My point was to get sshd with the installation / setup of the operating system.
(Dont want to use the term unattanded install)


In that case, i'll have to answer with a resounding NO

sshd is not a part of the standard desktop install and also not a part of the minimal install
only the server install gives you that option.