Installing Compiz Reloaded

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GG Scott. Anyway, Ubuntu Bionic can now have 0.8.15.

Presently the install script for Compiz per following the instructions here are buggered on Cosmic. I swear, I was testing this the day before and everything was working just fine. Once I figure out how to make it happen, or if Scott decides to not be such a lazy doofus I’ll update with some good news.

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Nice job Scott. After the revert installation is seamless as always.

Looks like the the uninstall script does not remove compiz files completely. I wanted to reinstall because the animation between switching desktops isn’t smooth at all, looks like it’s capped at 30fps, also running tasks still appears in MATE Panel if I switch desktops for some reason

Edit: Looks like the problem is the Sync to Vblank option, but if I disable it, screen tearing will happen :disappointed:

Too old to matter, probably but if you are using an intel graphics chipset there is a way to resolve screen tearing shown here:

For everyone else: I revamped the markdown some more so it doesn't suck, since this is a top-5 link in Google's search results forcompiz reloaded.

Did this not too long ago, but since I confirmed it with a live session, and I did indeed upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10 I possess special information about the system both when starting fresh with 19.10 and after having upgraded from 19.04.

If you have 19.10, you can simply install this without any prep. If you had 19.04 but are now at 19.10, you'll still probably have to prep before install.

Markdown fluff. Nothing special, but since this is the #1 organic result for google search install compiz reloaded I would celebrate belatedly this momentous occasion by making it look pretty and up to the standard I foist upon myself to make my posts interesting and easy-to-follow reads.

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Added Focal stuff, since I am beta-testing that and just now with the help of bash discover what is necessary to make that work.

Edit: Added maintainer recommendation notice and modified to suit.