Installing Compiz Reloaded


[17:02] -MicrosoftGitHub:#compiz-reloaded- [compiz-plugins-extra] XRevan86 pushed 1 new commit to master:
[17:02] -MicrosoftGitHub:#compiz-reloaded- compiz-plugins-extra/master 30de5e9 Scott Moreau: es.po: Remove duplicate msgid

GG Scott. Anyway, Ubuntu Bionic can now have 0.8.15.


Presently the install script for Compiz per following the instructions here are buggered on Cosmic. I swear, I was testing this the day before and everything was working just fine. Once I figure out how to make it happen, or if Scott decides to not be such a lazy doofus I’ll update with some good news.

[21:12] -MicrosoftGitHub:#compiz-reloaded- [compiz] XRevan86 pushed 1 new commit to master:
[21:12] -MicrosoftGitHub:#compiz-reloaded- compiz/master 91ad2cc Scott Moreau: Revert "Update French translation"...

Nice job Scott. After the revert installation is seamless as always.


Looks like the the uninstall script does not remove compiz files completely. I wanted to reinstall because the animation between switching desktops isn’t smooth at all, looks like it’s capped at 30fps, also running tasks still appears in MATE Panel if I switch desktops for some reason

Edit: Looks like the problem is the Sync to Vblank option, but if I disable it, screen tearing will happen :disappointed: