Installing Mate on PiDrive


I have a Rasberry Pi 2 and a PiDrive.

What I would like to do is boot from the SD card and install Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on that USB-drive. I can do that using Berryboot but then I can not update the OS inside the OS.

This distro is intended for installing and running on an SD-card.

But can it also like I would like to do it? Is there a how-to? Or is there an other distro more suitable for this?

Hello Walter. What you’re describing is exactly what I’ve done with my Pi 3. I followed the instructions here:

Those work for any Pi distribution, not just Ubuntu MATE.

(Also, like you I did try BerryBoot at first, but I found the fact that kernel updates break all of your installations to be a huge problem. It’s a shame, since it’d be a great option otherwise.)

Thank you ! I have now to not the time but this gives me hope it will work.