Internet connection: Cinnamon won't connect, but Mate will

Hi everybody,

I've got a funny issue this last days... and tried to find a solution, but unsuccessfully... If someone could help, it would be much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here's the problem:

I booted my computer, and logged into my cinnamon desktop, as usual... I launched a browser to access the Internet, but no access... I checked the Network Manager, and, it seems to read info from the router, and I have a valid IP address... but I can't get through the router and access the web (whether WiFi or wired connection) . I can't even log into the router administration page... That's very odd... I used my phone (connected to the same network) to find solution, and it can access the web...

Then, I rebooted and logged in using the Mate desktop... and then, I could connect to the Internet. Great! I switched to Cinnamon, the connection was still working well. I seized this opportunity to update the system. "OK, let's try to reboot, and log in using Cinnamon". Unfortunately, the same issue occurred. No connection to the web. I rebooted, logged in using Mate, and the connection was reestablished...

Any idea of what could be the source of the problem? Thanks for your help!