Introducing the moderators

It is the right time to introduce the Community moderators. There are the three of us and of course Martin Wimpress is the main Administrator. You all know what he is doing, but who are the other ones.

Steve Radonich IV (@sradonichiv)

I am 23 years old, and work 2nd shift in a machine shop. I live in Ohio, USA where I have lived 12 years of my life. I help run and maintain the IT infrastructure of a local non-profit makerspace.

I have been using linux almost exclusively since introduced to Debian in 1998. I switched to Ubuntu about a month before 5.04 was released and have been here until the release of 11.04. I ran 10.04 Desktop until End-Of-Life and have hopped around between CentOS 6.x, FreeBSD (using MATE), and CrunchBang.

When I discovered the Alpha 2 release of Ubuntu MATE remix 14.10 and I have not given anything else consideration as my main desktop. Have had many criticize my choice of DE but I couldn’t care less as it just works for me.

I will be around as I can and really try to get to know as many members of the community as possible. It is my hope that any action taken by me to moderate the boards is as fair and neutral as possible. Look forward to learning from the great community Ubuntu MATE has.

Chris Gardiner-Bill (@cgb)

I’m a technical writer and web developer in my mid thirties, originally from the UK but have spent most of my life in Melbourne, Australia. When I’m not writing other people’s manuals or messing around with computers, I write novels and maintain my own blog (and the server it runs on).

My first introduction to Linux was Fedora Core, which I got taped to the cover of Sitepoint’s Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache. I first started using Ubuntu with Dapper Drake and have used almost every version since as a server and development machine.

So when I switched full time to Linux in early 2014 from Mac OS X, naturally I turned to Ubuntu. I hopped between Unity, Gnome and XFCE but they all disappointed me for different reasons. Like others, I discovered Ubuntu Mate listening to Jupiter Broadcasting’s podcasts and Martin’s interview on Linux Luddites. I tried it alongside Gnome halfway through Nanowrimo and then clean installed within hours of the LTS release. I have not looked back.

On this forum, you’ll find me contributing as well as moderating as much as I can. I love scripting and automating and sharing ways, workflows and code to help people get work done. As a former OS X user, I’ll often comment on running Linux on Apple hardware and how switchers can find equivalent or better ways of doing things.

Gerard Aalders(@wizd3m)

My name is Gerard Aalders and I am a forty something Linux enthusiast from the Netherlands. I live in Zaandam, a small town near Amsterdam. I started playing with Linux when I obtained Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 (Slink). How I got hold of it I do not remember, but I did.

Installing Debian was easy, configuring your graphics card or your network card wasn’t. Because the Internet was a novelty I reverted back to windows a lot. It all became better with the first release of Ubuntu, Warty Warthog. And that’s also the moment I removed windows from my computer(s) and just ran Linux. The only windows I use is on my laptop at work.

Ubuntu was my main distribution until they came with Unity. I really do not like that desktop. So I started distrohopping and eventually moved to Arch when I saw the Linux Action Show Arch Challange. It was also on the Linux Action Show when they showed Ubuntu-Mate. I downloaded it, installed it and never looked back. This is Ubuntu as I like it.

Our role in the community

Members of the forum team have been chosen for their ability to exercise consistent judgement in line with the forum rules and reserve the right to take any actions deemed necessary by the team. Note that this forum is not run as a democracy. The forum staff shall always attempt to implement universally peaceful solutions, but in the end, are charged with the responsibility of maintaining peaceful, civil order for the forum majority. Therefore, they cannot always please everyone with the decisions made. Please do your part to contribute to a healthy community and environment.

Never argue with a moderator on the forum. Contact him via PM. If unsatisfied with their response, contact another moderator or Core team member. Do not contact Martin since he does not deal with forum moderation. If you feel that an egregious oversight has been made, do NOT post complaints in forum threads - they will be quickly closed. Alternatively, use the forum report function or message a member of the Moderators group.