Invalid screenshot filename error

Everytime I take a screenshot of my desktop with mate-screenshot and try to save it with the default filename, I get an error saying that the screenshot has an invalid filename.
That happens because mate-screenshot’s default filename includes a timestamp with colons, which are identified as invalid characters.

So, is there a way to change the default filename, i.e. have a timestamp without colons?

This seems to be a bug that was resolved in standard Ubuntu, but has not yet filtered down to Mate.

I would recommend installing gnome-screenshot and using it for now.

Uh, I’m running Ubuntu MATE 16.04 and I don’t have that problem, colons or not. :x

I also run 16o4 without the problem. Just my findings :slight_smile:

It’s fixed it the git repo. The source now uses ‘-’ (dashes) instead of ‘:’ (colons)


Filed bug 1579447 on Launchpad with a patch. Hopefully it’ll get included in an update.

Thank you for your replies! I will mark this as solved.

@ramblinman41, switch to hyphens will automatically be implemented as MATE 1.14 is released/adopted. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I was browsing the git tree on it but that won’t be in the LTS release, I don’t think.