Is Google evil and intrusive?


Sure, because Google is literally beating and raping us. Things that actually happened to actual slaves in the US and around the world. Calling Google slavery just minimizes the ACTUAL atrocities that were committed (and still are in many parts of the world) against actual people. Calling Google slavery is absurd.


I feel compelled to side with the people who are saying the slavery comparison is a bit too hyperbolic, but in a sense we had become digital slaves giving ourselves away to every single website we see, and even I had fell victim to this; I’ve committed my entire life to Google and it’s great so long the idea every letter you type in GMail is probably being used to advertise relevant services is ignored.

The general consensus, and reasonable conclusion is it doesn’t matter what Google has on you, because if you’ve been on this planet long enough you either don’t care because you’re law-abiding, or don’t care because you realize no matter how hard you try to protect your online identity, it’s a vain and fruitless effort because the harder you try, the harder the Internet becomes to use.

Unless you live a fake dual life as a digital avatar not representative of yourself, there’s something of yourself — your real, actual self — on the Internet. There’s no stopping it, because even as you try to protect your online privacy, your real-world privacy is compromised with the use of credit and debit. Your money is in a bank which sells your identity to the highest bidder. Your workplace is compromised by a malicious actor who then releases a database containing your real name. Any place using your social security number for verification is ripe for picking and exposure by people who want to make dirty money with your real self.

Live long enough and you’ll realize in this day and age, the only privacy you really have is your ridiculously expensive accommodation six feet beneath the ground.


It’s not just about privacy. It is about the attempted covert, corporate curation of thoughts and and values across the mass of population. And anyone who doesn’t understand that is underway, doesn’t understand how Google and Facebook now operate.


“We want devices to be super smart when it comes to helping us know the world around us, but you can’t expect it to magically do so without volunteering some of your own information. Use your real life as an example—you likely have family and friends who know a great deal about you. Sharing that personal information is part and parcel to your relationship. It’s a similar concept with your “personal” devices. Sometimes, it’s just for us to get over the concept of our devices – otherwise inanimate objects – actually becoming intimate strangers in our lives.”


Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook are all using the very same sentence in theirs conditions:
Your privacy is important to us.”
The problem is how you understand this sentence.
Personnally, I have understood that my privacy is very important for them… to collect.


For those who want chrome-like browser on PC
and on android


LOL ----------
“I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”
" Listen carefully as our selections have recently changed"
"“The check is in the mail”
“The dog ate my homework”
“You get this round, I’ll pay the next time”
and now…
“Your privacy is important to us”


If you want a better privacy-minded alternative, Vivaldi’s where it’s at IMO. I’m not even expressing it because I have a bias toward them, they’re just the only browser I know of presently which has tab tiling and tab stacking as interface features. It’s a Chrome-alike, but doesn’t have anything Google about it.

If you are confused about both of these concepts, as follows;
Tab tiles lets you see multiple webpages in the same viewport, which means less screwing around with windows.
Tab stacks lets you have multiple pages in the same spatial location of the browser interface. These stacks also have their own miniature tabs within the tab and and present an interactive tooltip showing thumbnails of all tabs within the stack when hovered over.

Stacks can also be tiles automatically, without holding [Ctrl] to specify multiple tabs. It’s been a boon for me as someone who tinkrs with web pages because I can use Stylus alongside another webpage without needing to use a separate display or snap windows.


Just seen this. Made me laugh


I’m pretty sure vivaldi have their own trackers(or not even their own), while those two i posted about are just chromium browsers wich was cleared from trackers.


This comment from YCombinator explains perfectly my sentiment about Google as a search engine.


I agree mostly with stevecook172001. What most of you forget is Google and Facebook also brainwash people with get rich quick type of schemes: content marketing, paid ads, etc. Most of these marketing techniques don’t work; look for research papers rather than reading just articles if you don’t believe me. To make matters worse, a lot of the ads are clicked and viewed by bots and not by humans.

Google is definitely intrusive, but for the time being there is no better alternative. Sadly, we’ll have to continue using Google as a search engine.


Best check your history. Google is/was not much different than any other real SE. Except Google had much more marketing and brainwashing skills hired to convince everyone to “Google It”, to learn to accept Stalkware as part of the deal to ‘Google it’, and went from being a SE to a giant catalogue of *Googies profiles and privacy for sale.

Google then took over control of what and how a web page should be and then began it’s website popularity contest and those with the money, can be more popular than others.

Google has been caught, fined (cost of doing business for them), and ordered to stop scanning and profiling people based on their G-mail content, but only in the EU, it’s still OK to read your G-mail in North America, South America and Africa. Just that the EU governments respect citizens right to privacy. The others don’t.

Google has been caught fudging searches in favour of political parties, current event controls, and people’s profiles gathered via Google Fonts, and Google Analytics - both Stalkers.

There is a lot more, but if you don’t believe me, don’t “Google It” search for it instead.

IMHO and in my experience in the privacy arena, Google is nothing more than a Stalker - profiling you and selling you to the highest bidders. Just as kidnapped victims often times develop a fondness relationship with their kidnappers, so Googies develop the same with Google. A victim is still a victim.

  • Googie - a follower of Google.


My history is perfectly accurate on this. I was alive and using computers on a daily basis in the late '90s. I switched to Google because somebody recommended it to me. I’d never heard of it before, never seen a commercial or an advert for it. It was amazing. After that it made no sense to use any other search engine. That’s a fact, one that its main rival (Yahoo) was forced to admit to when it contracted out its searches to Google. Google’s technology was years ahead of the competition.

Since then Google’s interests have grown. You can debate their privacy settings all you want, but please lets not corrupt history to suite your own agenda on this.

Personally I have no problem with their privacy settings. If you don’t want your Gmail account scanned, then don’t use Gmail.

I think I’m done with this thread, the replies are getting more silly.


I’m sorry you have been assimilated and I can only assume that resistance was futile. Say hello to the collective me :slight_smile: They tried it on me, I resisted and escaped and don’t need Googies telling me what to think, say , and do. I am still free… something Google is working on. Mark my words young’un :slight_smile:

For posterity sake, Google is NOT a SE. IMO, it’s a advertising tool to show you what they want you to see. Yahoo came AFTER Altavista, which was after Mozaic, which was after Gopher, which came after Archie - the first search engine. Search it out yourself. Sorry, Googies won’t understand plain English so I’ll rephrase by saying Google it!
My response to the Topic question doesn’t make me wrong. Opinions are never wrong - except in 1945 Germany, the U.S., and some Forums.

Sorry you can’t handle the heat - bye.


Google (and Amazon, too) supply salted code to web developers everywhere. Most web sites use some Google (and/or Amazon) web site provisioning utilities & supplies. Codesmiths using Google’s version of json or jquery should get them from &, instead. Of course, there’s also Google’s various tools & frameworks such as GWT (Google Web Toolkit).

Everything supplied by Google (and Amazon) do, to the best of my knowledge, include trackers that route all the host site’s traffic through Google (and Amazon) servers so they can be examined (though Codesmiths will tell you that it’s just telemetry).


What Google doesn’t know, your local government most likely does already if you do business with a bank or government institution.

I’ve already written about this in-depth so I won’t do it again, but the short of it is most governments don’t care because they have you by the genitals already if you do anything within the nation, state or province you live in.

Meanwhile the European Union fines Google for making Chrome and Google search default yet they don’t lay out Microsoft for;

  • Excessive CTAs to use Microsoft Edge
  • Forcing Bing search in the start menu
  • Forcing Cortana as a digital assistant in the start menu
  • Providing no option to change either
  • Forcing use of explorer as shell to run “Modern” apps (like calculator!)
  • Updating the operating system without consent
  • Restarting the PC without explicit consent
  • Adding a paywall to enable consent of updates and if the system reboots
  • Using the start menu as an advertising platform

And the list goes on. Yet EU tells Google to break it up, Google will charge a fee for OEMs to install their suite of utilities and the user gets to pay even more for a smartphone because most users won’t even know what to do if they don’t have Google’s Play store to install their applications from. GG EU.

But no seriously, if you’re using Windows 10, you’re also putting yourself into Microsoft’s machine if you use it as they intended. And they want you to use their utilities baked in for mail, calendar, messaging, phone calls and other tasks that Microsoft shouldn’t even be tracking. And guess what? Most people in North America use Microsoft Windows, with no motivation to know anything better.

But we’re not talking about how Microsoft is evil because that topic has been discussed ad nauseum. The dead horse can have another beating if it means we can bring some perspective doing it.


Microsoft is evil for the same reason Google are. The reason is because they became big enough to be useful in the service of empire. If you get big enough you get swallowed up or you get destroyed.


I agree with almost everything you stated. Since Google is the topic of this post, I would add that Google and most other SEs, along with Microsoft Windows have taken over the Information Highway and loaded it up with billboards - so many that we can no longer view out the Windows what we want to see, only what they want us to buy, based on what we wanted to but didn’t get to see.
I said it at the very start “Why would Microsoft give away their OS? It’s like Ford giving away cars…”. “Pssst - wanna a free Windows 10 little boy”.

As for “Most people in North America…” - you nailed it. But those “most people” firmly believe that they need these ‘Stalkers’ and people are being assimilated at a very early age now into accepting Stalking as a way of life - that it’s normal and sadly, actually feel it’s a corporate right to do so.

Many have no choice but to accede to Google and Microsoft “Terms of Use (or go elsewhere), Privacy Policy (there ain’t none), and AUP (knuckle under and become assimilated)”
Ponder this - have you ridden a school bus lately? Not-so-long ago, the chatter was deafening. Kids were communicating verbally. Now it’s only the soft sound of tiny fingers tapping out texts and playing apps.

Twenty years ago, if we searched out a university, we were met with links to actual studies, case history, studies in progress, protein folding opportunities, peer paper reviews, and some profs papers. Now, it’s how much it costs to take a course in Windows 10 and SEOing.

Who gave Google, and Microsoft, the authority to bend and shape the Internet into a Stalker-tool? We did. We sat back, complained in forums, and really, did nothing to stop them… because like heroin - we need it.

IMO Google created it’s search engine then optimized it with popularity rules - that is, if you follow the rules, your site selling homemade mittens for puppies could be at the top of the search. Then every mitten-maker fights to beat the other to the top, until some start to pay. Brilliant idea. And the price of mittens keeps going up. New rule - have a Facebook account and get higher rankings. Add Twitter, LinedIn, and all the other apps whose service is a side effect of the stalking device it really was made for just to improve ones popularity site-status.

In five years from now tiox, what do feel will be the alternative to our 2018’s version of 1984? Will there even be alternatives?

I already read your …“slavery comparison is a bit too hyperbolic…” response and just opened it again to re-view it. I get your point, but if you were with REAL search engines ‘back-in-the-day’, before the Internet was Googlized, you’d have something to make a better comparison - no?

You also stated …“you either don’t care because you’re law-abiding, or don’t care because you realize no matter how hard you try to protect your online identity, it’s a vain”. This ‘if you have nothing to hide, why worry about privacy’_ attitude is what the man in the dark trench coat hiding in the alleyway says. It’s double-reversing propaganda. No offence is directed at you, it’s directed that the corporations that use gobbledygook to assimilate the masses.

I like what they said in the movie Anon that goes “It’s not that I have something to hide. I have nothing I want you to see.” and especially the line that states “You invade my privacy, it’s nothing. I try to get it back, it’s a crime.”

I jumped into Linux to take back my rights to privacy. I asked Microsofts Bingtrumpers how I could request deletion of the profile Bing has of me. I got back a wall of text explaining what Bing does (sale pitch) and I was told to “read the Terms of Use or try using Startpage instead”. The typical generic no answer response.

I blame all the Apathacans.

Just sayin s’all :slight_smile:



WOW! YCombinator says "It’s just that Google is so good that it knows what I am thinking before I am completely done with formulating the thought. " Damned scary to know that there are people that would even appreciate a machine that thinks for them! Then, why did I bother to state my opinion since Google has probably already thought it for me!

Neither Google nor Bing are real search engines any more. Search engine results are just the cheese on a better trap.

I agree, Bing is very much a messy result-oriented SE. Good or bad results are expensive - IF one values their right to privacy.

My opinion, s’all.