Is it possible to do raspberry pi hotspot share

I would like to buy raspberry 3 but i just wonder “if i get the internet from the onboard wireless and share usb wireless” is that possible. it is possible get the ethernet and share onboard wireless.

I bought a Raspberry Pi 3, and while I like it, I feel better about my Raspi2. The Pi3 seems to generate a lot of heat, and I mean a lot! With the heat sinks on it, there is enough heat to burn skin when touched. Supposedly, it stays within its throttle limits, but there’s some doubt about that due to sensor placement. It does seem, that when just watching video with OMXplayer, there is not much of a problem, but when watching streaming video(youtube, for example), then it generates a tremendous amount of heat. Enough to destroy the data on the microsdcard and the sdcard I had in the usb. So I would not recommend sharing the ethernet and wireless until there is some more definite findings on the overheating. It is possible that the overheating is being caused by the addition of the onboard wireless.
I’ve been trying to find out more, but since the Pi3 has only been out for a month, and there are scattered results of people having overheating issues(some are running no problem, others are reaching over 100Celcius like mine) so it has been difficult to nail down what is going on.

For now, I would have to advise caution if you are looking to leave the Pi3 running without being watched, and definitely buy some type of cooling system for it. Other than that, stick with the Pi2. It is a solid machine and the Pi3 is not such a jump in speed that its worth the risk.

I’m guessing you want the Pi3 for the onboard wireless and ethernet all ready to go. So this might be a deal breaker for you.

i will not using all the time. i just need 20min and turn off the machine. ı will put buy colling system too.
i just want to know is it possible or not. and EDIMAX Wifi USB Nano Adaptör EW-7811 doesn’t support Access Point. what kind of adaptor should ı buy ?

Check out their forum!:

It looks like yes. There is a project called Pi Point that turns your Pi into an access point. I’ll go about setting this up and give you some results.

Looks like this is going to be possible. From what I’ve found so far, using hostapd and udhcpd should allow you to use the ethernet and/or onboard wifi and/or usb wifi dongle to function as a hotspot.

I have set up a new UMate card(using an older microsd card) specifically for this project, and have made my first attempt at making it a wifi router. No success yet, but I’ve got a few more sources I need to look at.(It is really slow going since the micro sdcard is a Class 4, I do not recommend a Class 4 for anything!)

FYI, I will be setting up the Pi3 directly plugged in to the ethernet for the internet connection and then I will set the onboard wifi as an access point, making it an extra wifi router.

Most tutorials are done with Raspian on the RasPi2, so I’m not sure how many changes are needed for UbuntuMATE on the RasPi3. If this works, then it should answer your question. If not, let me know what else your wanting to do with it and I’ll give it a shot. Hopefully, I’ll have some results soon.

OK, second attempt, changed some settings, still haven’t got it going. I think I just need the right settings, though, The wifi chip is from Broadcom, so I believe it will work as an access point. I’ll be doing a clean install again and give it another go. Don’t be discouraged by my difficulties, my networking skills are terrible.

Third attempt, tried to load a new img from Pi Point and it failed to boot. Not sure if it was a bad img, or if it is not working for the Pi3. Sent off an email to the Pi Point guys to see if I could get any info or ideas.

I know this is getting long, but I wanted to keep you updated. When I get this working I’ll get rid off all this and just post what the working solution is.

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Ok, following the instructions here, I got the Pi3 working as a router.

I’ll be doing a clean install of UbuntuMATE and then set up again as an access point to make sure that this link had all the steps and it wasn’t something from the other dozen setups I tried.

If this works for you make sure to give thanks to Phil Martin, who is listed as the author. Hope this gives you the info you were looking for, bekotest.

As far as the overheating mentioned earlier, that is looking like a Firefox issue with it using too much of the CPU(60% on all four, according to system monitor). It shouldn’t impact the use of the Pi3 as an access point.