Is it possible to run DropBox in Ubuntu MATE16.04 in RPi2?

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 is running very well in general on my RPi2 (installed this morning), but I can find no way of running DropBox. It does not seem to be in the default repositories. Am I trying to do the impossible? Has anyone managed it?

have you tried installing caja-dropbox?

No, I hadn’t! It had slipped under my radar. I have now tho’ - but no luck. It got as far as running the ./ command, with no errors, but ‘make’ failed to get any response at all. But thanks for your help. At least I have a valid avenue to follow up now. I wonder if it is compatible with the RPi chip?

When you say make failed to get a response, are you saying it produced no output?

Also do you have all the dependencies installed?

Caja-dropbox build depends