Is official status for Ubuntu MATE important to you?

Just to be clear, I am still commited getting Ubuntu MATE fully integrated into the Ubuntu family and officially endorsed.

However, getting everything I require added to the official Ubuntu archive is taking far longer than I imagined. Little progress has been made since the 14.10 release in that regard :cry: Therefore I have reinstated my unofficial build servers so that I can start tracking the 15.04 release schedule.

Here are my questions:

  • How important is it to you that Ubuntu MATE acheive official status?
  • More over, why is official status important to you?

I think official status is important for 16.04 otherwise it doesn’t matter to me.

I would really like to see Ubuntu Mate get official status, but if it doesn’t it will not matter to me because I feel it is great for those who like the gnome 2 style of Ubuntu, which I do.


Personally, no it’s not important to me. However I suspect that for many outsiders looking in (potential newcomers and companies especially) might find it more appealing.


I have switched the computer lab at the local maker space I help run to Ubuntu MATE 14.04 and those that use the computers have had nothing but good to say about it.


I suppose I should add why I feel official status would be beneficial:

  • Images built on official infrastructure, not using my reverse engineered solution.
  • Daily images.
  • Access to an automated test suite for images.
  • As @CGB said, credibility. For example Distrowatch refuse to list Ubuntu MATE until we are official for fear of a Canonical legal response, which is ridiculous because Mark Shuttleworth has given me his personal assurance this would never happen. I suspect more users may come to Ubuntu MATE when it is official.
  • Equal standing with the other Ubuntu flavours, such as Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, etc.
  • Being official will make seamless upgrades between releases a reality.
  • Being official will make it is possible to uninstall default applications without having to remove the meta packages that installed them.

I just wish I could do more to achieve official status, because developing the code and submitting merge proposals is hit and miss. Some project maintainers are helpful and responsive, yet many are not :cry:


Anything we do (people we can pester) as a community to expedite the process?

After reading @Wimpy’s post I can see the many benefits of being an official flavor of Ubuntu. As has already been stated if there is anything the community can do to help let us know.

There probably is. I’ll put a post together with directions to everything that I’m waiting on and details of how members can help.


Cool. Keep us posted.

Off topic, I’m loving the new site. Much better than G+


Wimpy, if possible hit on any areas where a person not adept at coding can help as well.

I can offer up an hour or two a day of my time, if I can find somewhere useful to contribute.

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Actually most tasks are not development related. They are more about tracking progress and gently reminding that something needs reviewing.

But I’ll be clear when I write it up :smiley:

Oh, I’m an operations guy. Tracking stuff and gently reminding folks is a core part of my day :smiley:

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Indeed, I think it is very important. The infrastructure is important (NB would you not get onto the Ubuntu forums, Ubuntu irc channels?) Equal is the status in the Ubuntu community - Ubuntu devs would need to take decisions taking into account Ubuntu MATE’s needs. Don’t underestimate that value. Also, the status and credibility in the wider community - it would display a greater degree of permanence to many potential users.

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I’m pleased to say that some real progress was made this evening. @popey motivated some people and stuff got done :smiley: There’s still more to do, but I feel we are at a turning point.


To be honest, the only crieria that is important to me is the long term viability and stability of the Mate desktop. As such, I have no more reason to need Mate attached to Ubuntu than any other distro save for the fact that Ubuntu is a stable distro and so satisfies the criteria mentioned by association.

Having said the above, I am philisophically inclined to an unadulterated open source environment and Ubuntu’s direction, over the last year or two has not enamoured itself with me in that regard. Thus, if it wasn’t for the hassle that I am certain it would be, I would be considering moving over to Debian Mate. As it is, I’ll stick with Ubuntu+Mate for the reasons cited

About Ubuntu MATE stimulating official status, I have one concern matter.

About Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu GNOME is flavor,
but the period of 14.04 LTS is thereby short with 3 years.

When Ubuntu MATE became the offical flavor,
I am concerned about shortening of the LTS period.
This may become the factor that a user
avoids the use of Ubuntu MATE in some cases.

I think official status is important for the seamless updating and the meta package issue with default applications.

I think it should be at least official by 16.04, as @sradonichiv said, or 15.10 so there is a period of testing as an official flavor but I don't think it is absolutely necessary to be official for 15.04.

This is not a requirement by being official. The flavors are not required to do any more than 3 years but they can do longer if they choose to, most just dont choose to. I don't know if this is 100% accurate but I am pretty sure this is the case.

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All I know is that Ubuntu Mate works PERFECTLY. I had nothing but frustration with the “flavors”. Also, prior to Ubuntu Mate I had been running Fedora and even Rawhide for about a year. However, The Ubuntu Mate was just what I was looking for. My only concern is the privacy issues with Ubuntu. How would they or do they carry over into Ubuntu Mate?

No privacy issues in Ubuntu MATE since we don’t use Unity.