Is there a way to remove the border around the "Hardware Sensors Monitor" applet graph?


Sometime after 16.04, the "Hardware Sensors Monitor" applet's graph was changed to have a border. The issue is that it now no longer matches the graphs from the system monitor applet.

I know this is a crazy nitpick, but I'd like to keep them all looking uniform if possible.

Is there some setting I can change with dconf-editor to remove the border?

I'm running the 22.04 daily build, for what it's worth.

Screenshot at 2022-03-13 12-13-31

Hi ... I don't see the border in UM 20.04, see screenshot

Was your system upgraded from an older version or was it a fresh 20.04 install? The border exists in my fresh 20.04 install as well as 22.04.