Is there going to be a compelling reason to upgrade to 15.04?

So, I’m not sure yet if there’s a definitive answer on this, but if we’re using MATE as our DE, is there going to be a compelling reason to upgrade to 15.04?

It looks like 14.04 is going to get the compiz fixes @Wimpy has been working on, we already have access to the new theme (nicely done, btw!) and as far as I know it’ll be the same version of MATE in both releases.

Are there any underlying changes to Ubuntu’s base that are “must have” features, assuming your hardware is already fully supported?

I’m mostly curious, as UbuntuMATE 14.04 is basically perfection for me now that I have it tweaked the way I want it… but I don’t want to miss out on anything either :smiley:

I was wondering that myself but after a little a reading I’m leaning to staying with the LTS until the next one comes out. 14.04 is working for me, I’m already using it with Kernel 3.18 and I’m perfectly happy using the software versions available in the standard repos.


I will have it going on a few machines of mine but my production computers will be staying with 14.04 til 16.04. might keep one at 18.04 just to have a view of all the changes over the years.


In my case , I have some problems with 14.04 and 14.10 that I don’t know how to fix . So , I believe that 15.04 will work well for me .PS.: the ‘problem’ is at me , not at the distro .

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That’d definitely be a good reason.

Out of curiosity, what issues are you having @Rodrigo_Virmond ?

The image (screen ), like I wrote at the other topic .(feedback). And it’s not only tearing ; it’s more like watch a video 1080 p with the image x264 ,and tearing

Ah, sorry I somehow missed the later posts in that thread.

Like Wimpy was saying, once he has Compiz working right on 14.04 that should fix you right up.

You can also do it with Compton and enabling OpenGL acceleration, but there are some other tweaks that are necessary to have a pleasant experience on Compton with MATE.

I’d just wait on Compiz at this point, since you are running KDE now.

Yes , like I wrote , I don’t know how to do these changes . And at K. I didn’t change anything and it’s fine . I believed that all flavours of Ubuntu works same , just changing the windows theme , basically .But the differences are deeper than I thought. And I tried Mint ,Ultimate and UUMate (the respin of U MATE ), Fedora ,Korora , Antergos ,…; using Mate with Compiz default , but K. is still better

I use Compton with video acceleration. Fixes screen tearing very nicely on Intel graphics.

I’ll leave it to everyone to determine if 15.04 is worth upgrading to, you should be able to see from the release notes (when I post them) if it has something must have.

The user facing changes in 15.04 are the Yuyo theme, Compiz, integrated Tilda and the new backgrounds contributed here :smiley: Behind the scenes I’ve submitted MATE support for Ubiquity upstream, added an ubuntu-mate-cloudtop meta package for remote terminal services, Ubuntu have adopted systemd and now have multilib Gobject-introspection runtime.

Yuyo and Compiz will be back ported to 14.04 and 14.10. My main motivation for working on Compiz is to try and address screen tearing some people are encountering. I might backport the cloudtop meta package to 14.04 and I’ve already patched some MATE packages in 14.04 and 14.10 to work around the Gobject-introspection runtime issues. The gir mess is why Caja plugins didn’t work initially in 14.04 and 14.10.

14.10 and 15.04 do not have integrated Indicator support, that is a post-install tweak the users have to do for themselves if they want if.

Lastly, whatever new stuff Ubuntu syncs from Debian.


I’m already waiting in front of my PC . Three days pass quickly.