Is this temperature normal for this CPU?

My cpu configuration is:

Intel Core i3-4005U
Cores: 2
Total of logical cores:4
CPU Speed 1,60 GHz

Very impresive hardware, I know.
I yust want some feedback because the tempature for me seems a bit to abnormal

I have an AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7, 10 Computer Cores 4C+6G and it is showing 28 degrees C, so your temp does look high.

But the critical temp is 76 degrees C.

I suggest you do a good dust-off and clean the laptop, fan, etc.
idle temp at 53 C might be a bit high hence the suggestion to clean.
(my laptop's dual core i7 idle temp is 42 C, 48 C)

According to Intel, this cpu has max core temp of 100 C

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Some years ago i have similar problem and when open my laptop to see how dirty is i surprised about the amount of dust hairs and other things who become a ball in fan blades !

Might be a good sugestion. It hase never been cleaned at all.