Italian Translation of Ubuntu MATE Welcome: doubts

Hi guys,
I started translating Ubuntu Welcome for Italian users and I have a doubt… I hope I don’t bother you :slight_smile:

Original says: Software selection will favor functionality and stability over lightness and whimsy

That “lightness” means “light on resources” or light as “whimsy and light-hearted spirit of the film”

I think the latter, and this is a very tricky expression to translate :slight_smile:


p.s. I’m alone in this quest, if any Italian user is reading this and want to contribute, any help would be much appreciate :slight_smile:

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I find it difficult to interpret in my native American English language. I believe lightness refers to resources and is separate from whimsy. Although it seems to be sort of a contradiction to a previous line.
"Ubuntu alternative for computers that aren't powerful enough ..."
BTW I’m not an Italian speaker.

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Exactly, the contradiction is the real problem… because we know Ubuntu MATE IS light on resources and I could send the wrong message if the translation sounds like lightness (on resources) is not that important.
So I am inclined to translate light as “fancy”, “playful”, thinking about fancy animations and general “bling bling”, light-hearted graphic effects.

But maybe what the original line meant is that lightness (again, on resources) is not the ultimate goal (like it could be for Lubuntu for example).

I hope I’ve been clear, it’s not easy :slight_smile:

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Hi @Milozzy,

here are the two definitions in English, I am sure you can pick something from them and translate it to Italian!:

Viva Italia :flag_it:

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While MATE is light on resources, a focus on lightness over functionality is not the goal on the project. For example, we choose LibreOffice over Abiword and Gnumeric.

Whimsy is this context is a sort of flippant statement :slight_smile:️ We’re focused on making choices that stand and endure, not following a short live fad.


Thanks boss!! This is all I need to know! :smiley:



I’m Italian native.
I don’t have many time, but a check and a review to Italian translation maybe not require too much time to me.



Thanks! The more The better!

I’m a little short on time lately, any help is appreciated!

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