Its Mutiny I Tell You

I got my laptop out and updated it last night.
The OS version was 16.04 Alpha 1.
I have Mate 1.12.1 installed now and running.
So far so good.
I did have a problem earlier.
In Mate Tweak I went down the list and changed different compositors.
Marco compton gpu is doing okay.
Then I went to compiz and that is were I the fun (trouble) started.
I was able to get back to Marco and I am not for sure how. :slight_smile:
The screen was black and I had a mouse pointer and I could tell the Welcome panel was there.

I notice that there is four software installers available including synaptic.
Which would you recommend?

I am finding Ubuntu Mate is an awesome OS or should I say distribution.

I use different methods to install new & upgrade software:

  1. Command line if I know the exact name since typing in the exact name produces the exact line to install. I also use this for daily update / upgrade of a development release
  2. Synaptic if I generally know about the software and use the search function
  3. Ubuntu software center if I have no idea, but want functionality to be added
  4. Software updater automatic reminder with released OSes
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I need to wait an find out what may be the official program used in 16.04.

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15.10 on the left and 16.04 on the right


GT 240 left and 750M(?) right.