Just a quick bit of help please?

Hi all, i am running Ubuntu mate 15.04 and absolutely loving it. I’ve ironed out most of the little problems I had and now I just have one more which is this…

I get no reminder when my laptop battery is about to die so the system just powers down. A small problem with probably an easy fix but it’s beginning to bug me!

Anyone out there who can help?

I dont think it will show a pop up, But look in the power management under the “General” tab and make sure one of the choices to show the icon when battery is present is ticked. That way you will have an icon on the top of the screen to keep an eye on. If you hover the mouse over it it will tell you how much time is estimated remaining and the percent level of the battery.

You can get to this app by going to System>Control Center then it is listed under the Hardware section. Called Power Management.

Sounds like a bug :cry: I’ll have to test this and see if I can reproduce it.

I have the little battery widget already but if I’m busy doing something online or watching a film I don’t constantly check it. Again, its not a huge issue, just wondered if it could be rectified :slight_smile: