KDE Connect doesn't function

UM 16.04, installed kde connect from boutique.

It appears in the system tray (though I have to start it to do so) but does nothing.
hover - reads “KDE Connect” as tooltip
left click - does nothing
dbl click - does nothing
right click - Quit option

my devices are paired and show up in the control module.

Is this still unbaked for Mate?

Texts pop up without the message and hitting Reply (that’s the blue garble in the middle) closes the notification and that’s it. It might as well be a Close button.

And they pop up over fullscreen which is annoying.

See image:

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Hi @syfylinux

I’ve same issue as well. I use KDE Connect to get information about what’s going on my phone. I guess, KDE Connect does work well on KDE Desctop, but I don’t really know. :confused:

Best regards