Keyboard layout custom configuration

I need to have 2 layouts changing by alt+shift and the 3-rd one to switch by separate key combination(for example ctrl+shift).
Maybe someone knows how to do it on MATE?
It is available in KDE through GUI and even in Windows.

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Within the Control Panel, Keyboard … you can within that window click on the desired keyboard like f.i. Russian and click on the Options … button …
In that list you can click next to >Switching to another layout and select what keys to use !

This only shows me the common layout changing hotkeys, this is not what I need.
I have 3 keyboard layouts(en, ru, uk) and I need to switch between ru and en by alt+shift and avoid uk(for this one I need specific key combination to switch on).
Do you understand now what I mean?

This works, but overrides desktop settings for keyboard layouts and i end up with only one layout until i go to keyboard settings/layouts and change something there.

I have found a suitable solution for me: