Keyboard Shortcuts Flatpak apps

I'm kind of understand that Flatpak apps are not naturaly integrated in Linux system because they are self sufficient. Something like portable apps on Windows.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
That's why my flatpak web browser can't open external links. Always giving me notice that the browser is bussy and my choice is to close the browser app.
Is there a solution for a beginner like me?

You have to have Flatpaks enabled. Not sure if this was done and why you may be getting this. I have been using Manjaro and liking it more every day. Consequently, I don’t use Flatpaks but I can use them if I wanted to. So far have not had the need.

See if this helps. I don’t have a bias one way or another with containerized applications but from what I have read and the way developers are going, it is the future whether a Flatpak or Snap.

Good luck!