Kodi on Ubuntu Mate

Hi Wimpy - Kratos is doing the development and supporting over here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=124572&start=75

He has a fix for the hanging issue there, though you can workaround by switching to a different tty and back to 7.

Hmm. that is strangeā€¦ I have always thought that KODI Hanging when you Quit was normal? why? because it happens on my desktop on Linux Mint 17.2 (Ubuntu 14.04) and My previous Linux installationsā€¦ I always thought this was a Linux issue and just accepted it :-). It does Exit after about a Minute or lessā€¦but yesā€¦it has always hanged like that for me on my regular Desktops and laptops. I like wolfmanā€™s suggestion to press ā€œā€ to put it in window mode right before you exit and then just click the X to close the windowā€¦for now that works. Now if that works in KODI for Ubuntu MATE on the Pi is a different storyā€¦anyone tried it?

at the moment I Dare Not install KODI, simply because I do not have a Testing Fresh install of Ubuntuā€¦ the ones I have I worked Really hard on with all the bells and whisltes and donā€™t have backupsā€¦if I were to mess those Up I would be really upsetā€¦I am hoping to try cloning my Ubuntu for Pi onto other MicroSD cardsā€¦hope it worksā€¦ I am going to use CloneZillaā€¦I just got to go buy a few more MicroSD cardsā€¦and perhaps MicroSD to USB thumb drive adaptors so that CloneZilla sees them as USB flash drives instead of MicroSD cardsā€¦I donā€™t know if that is necessary but just incase.

Hey Snzeā€¦so you installed Kratosā€™s KODI .deb? how is it going exactly? I mean graphically is it smooth and Video and sound playing well and all?

I currently can not install it until I do a fresh install of Ubuntu, as I set up two Ubuntu installations with all the bells and whistles for my brotherā€¦though funny thingā€¦what he wants the most is KODIā€¦but I used a seperate MicroSD card for that for the momentā€¦Anyhow I need some fresh MicroSD cards to test this myself.

There IS one great benefit to installing it on the Desktopā€¦and that is that when you log out of Ubuntuā€¦you can choose to Log in with KODIā€¦so when you reboot it will always go straight to KODIā€¦this is beneficial to me and others because you can set KODI to auoplay a video Playlist or a set of Videos and loop them infintelyā€¦plus Having KODI working on the Desktop might have some good side effects. One use is that I would put it in Window mode and play Videos from within it instead of VLC or SMPlayer if those decide not to play a Video well or unsynced.

@Kratos I meant to tag you earlier. We should collaborate :slight_smile:ļø Do you have Debian source packages?

Debian source packages? Do you mean the actual source, or the packages that I built from the source and uploaded to Google Drive? I am currently working on a black screen bug fix, a bit tied up at the moment though as I am experimenting with Androidā€¦

Please see this post for all the gory details.


Have to work through some copyright stuff, will then be posting the final builds!


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Ooooā€¦collaboration! Sure! What do you want me to do with them?


thank you very much , about this very useful post, i have a question about display mode of kodi windowed mode doesnā€™t exist in this version kodi 17 build in ubuntu mate , any solution i want to run kodi in windowed mode , Have a good time.

Hi !
I have build a version of kodi working with ni issue :slight_smile:
New tutorial will be publish soon in the tutorial section soon :slight_smile:
Stay tune !



The tutorial is out :


I will check it out. It would be cool to have Kodi in windowed mode.

nothing official yet regarding this subject?

anything new to this?
Havenā€™t followed on other topics.
But still i would really like to be able to run ubuntu mate and kodi, just like on my laptopā€¦

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Hi Mates
Any news on Kodi topic ?