Label next to solution button please?


Hi @Wimpy, @lah7,

is it possible to put text beside the best answer button as it is being overlooked in many solved posts and although solved, there is no indication of that fact!. :smiley:

Something like, “Click here to mark as solved” or something similar please!. :smiley:

Solved button please


I think that’s a good idea, something like “Mark as Solved” next to the icon…

The trouble is, it’s not something that can be easily added. :frowning: It would require some changes made to its source first.

For now, we’ll need to educate our members with this post:

I thought I set this, but Regulars are now able to set solutions for any topic. :slight_smile:


I am regular, I go every morning!. :thumbsup: Thanks Luke. :smiley:


Technically, it shouldn’t require changing any source except for the website. Couldn’t it be deterined in the site code to make a pseudochild for the “Mark as solved” button?

I’m pretty sure I can do this in less than a half-hour if I probe the site for what class creates the checkbox. It would be a dirty solution, but one nonetheless.


Technically possible, but definitely a dirty hack… main problem is that changes would be lost when the software/container updates… Plus, I don’t have access to the site’s source itself. :confused:

If it’s a patch in the plug-in’s source, then it could be applied.

When I get some spare time, I might have a probe to implement it properly (with the option in settings) – since it’s open source, it can be contributed back to the wider community too. :slight_smile: