Lack of Dutch words in the configuration (via System of top panel)

I have found that the configuration via System has no full Dutch language while Preferences and Manager has well full Dutch.
I add an attachment: screenshot with numbers.

  1. Language Support = Taalondersteuning

  2. Additional Drivers = Extra stuurprogramma’s

  3. Bluetooth Manager = Bluetooth-beheer

  4. Startup Disk Creator = Opstartschijf aanmaken

  5. Network = Netwerk

  6. Software Updater = Updatebeheer

  7. Synaptic Package Manager = Synaptic pakketbeheer

  8. Time and Date = Datum en tijd

  9. Ubuntu Software Center = Ubuntu softwarecentrum

  10. Users and Groups = Gebruikers en groepen

  11. Backups = Reservekopieën

  12. Firewall Configuration = Firewall-instellingen

  13. Network Connections = Netwerkverbindingen

  14. Onboard Settings = Onboard-instellingen
    Can someone fix this?

see image:

Screenshot of the problem

I have the same problem with my language
I don’t know where they come from