Lag while using and overworking the laptop?

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So it may be a problem with my laptop but I wasn’t sure so I just wanted to bring it to your attention . So I’m running Ubuntu Mate on Oracle VB on a MacBook Air 2020 . So when I’m using Ubuntu Mate , for the first few minutes , everything works normally but then suddenly everything becomes laggy and my laptop fans work overtime , it’s sounds like my laptop is a plane about to take off , I thought maybe it’s my system but when I used my normal system , everything is working fine . So is it a problem with the software or the virtual machine ? As when I use this on Parallels (Demo) , it worked fine no issues but since I cannot pay for the full version of Parallels , I’ve turned to Oracle . If it’s the VM , do y’all have alternative suggestions ?


Hi @Pandz ! Welcome to :ubuntu_mate: community !
On your mac, do you have a task manager in order to open it and monitor the load average ?
What is your CPU inside your macbook ?
What is the CPU allocation to the VM ? Can you reduce it to 1 CPU 1 Core for the moment and try how it is behaving ?

Hi @olek thank you for having me .

Do you want me to check the CPU and Memory usage by the Activity Monitor when I’m using the VM ?
So as for the VM I’ve allocated 1560Mb for Base Memory .
My MB’s memory is 8GB .
So it says’s for the number of processors is 1CPU .

Yap :slight_smile:
The config looks OK VM side.
Please share so much data as you have :slight_smile: your MAC specs and some charts of the average with the VM startup and when it becomes crazy :slight_smile:

Sure , what do you mean by charts of the average startup ?

Sorry, I don't know how will be the name of that on a mac. We are searching for something like this :

Is this right ?

The first two is CPU and the last one is the memory . At this level the software began to lag and my MB’s fans started whirring loudly

Well, and what is the cpu inside your MacBook ? How many cores ?

Maybe it will sound crazy but if you have a 4 cores CPU you can try to give 2x1 vcpu to your machine, the ventilation and lagging will for sure be related to your CPU.

I mean this is what it says about the processor : 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5.

What do you mean by

the 1.1GHz processor scary me a bit xD
Try to give 2 vCPU to your virtual machine inside virtualbox. This will load less the single core and maybe your experience will be better both on the mac hypervisor and the virtual machine.

haha XD

Sure , will try that , will let you know how that goes , thank you .

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Hey , so I made the processors as 2 CPU but I’m still facing the same issue once I start watching a video , the whole ubuntu system begins to lag and my fans begin to whir .

This i was affraid of ... Probably your CPU is not made to do some virtualisation.

But that’s what I’m confused about , cuz when I had the trial version of Parallels , I could use the Os properly , everything was working fine and nothing lagged and no loud whirring of system fans but when I used Oracle VB , all of the mentioned issues happens .

Probably parallel works better on mac and maybe manage resources better than virtualbox, like on linux side, kvm makes amazing work in comparison with vmware, virtualbox ext ...
Native OS solutions sounds better :slight_smile:


@olek - I think you've missed that this is a mobile part, with VERY low clocks.

VBox has no GPU passthrough, and realistically no GPU accel (GL2.1 only), and that machine isn't going to play video without needing to spin up the fans UNLESS it can access the hwdecode / quicksync block on the CPU - which it can't from a VM.

@Pandz - TLDR: this is all to be expected, sorry.


What do you mean by

Native OS solutions sounds better :slight_smile:

Oh thank you but do you have any suggestions for free light VMs other than Virtual Box ?