Laptop dual boot issue

I am currently trying to install mate on my dell xps 15 9550 laptop from a bootable USB. I am attempting a dual boot, and I have made my partitions and attempted to install twice, but I get a “sorry, an error occurred and it was not possible to install the bootloader at the specified location” message, and it gives me three options, but none appear to do anything including the cancel and "continue without installing the bootloader. If anyone has had a similar problem I’d be happy to hear a possible solution. Thanks!

This might help?:

I am booting in Legacy mode, but only because that’s how I did it on my last machine, and a little more information, I have to change my drive to AHCI from the normal RAID setting in BIOS or ubuntu cannot see my hard drive. This, for some reason, changes the name of the drive so instead of dev/sda it is dev/nvme. Do you know where the bootloader is normally saved in a dual boot, like would it be a problem if the bootloader was saved on the main drive instead of a partition?

Thanks for the help, by the way.

When you dual boot, the Grub loader is normally installed in the MBR (Windows) bootloader partition, try using “Boot Repair” and repair Grub with that: